Sunday, 6 June 2010

Malayan Emergency

Ive posted some photos of the time my dad served in the army with the R.A in Malayia in around 1957-58.

The ship that took him out to Malayia.
Training exercise with the Americans off Borneo

Training with the American marines.

More training pictures

Landing Craft off Borneo

Landing craft

On deck of a ship

Training exercise

Landing craft.

Landing craft

Cameron Highlands

25 Pounder

25 pounder

One of his mates

Another mate

His Troop

Bedford Pig

Bedford Pig


Fring mortars

25 Pounder

25 Pounder firing

25 Pounder

25 Pounder

Jungle Patrol

Dad with his mates ( dad is on the left the tall one)

With his mates

Target practtise with Stens


  1. Very interesting photo. I can see the environment of my country on that time. Olso can see your strenth on that time in my country. Thank a lot in your paticipate to block the communist. I hate the communist until today. 2 of my brother was joint army in 1971 & 1977 to destroy the communist. - Mr.Hamzah from Malaysia (Malaya)

  2. Did you have an email address at which you can be contacted? I am currently trying to track down archive images from the Malayan Emergency and this would be perfect!